“Reset”, a true prophetic word!

“Reset”, a true prophetic word!

The word “reset” now resonates everywhere, worldwide. You then hear it say: the virus crisis is causing a reset of the economy, politics, nature, the church, human beings.


Shortly before the restrictive measures around the corona virus, we had a 3-day period of prayer & fasting with a group of people in Bodegraven (Netherlands). On these 3 days we would meet in the morning and evening. Each meeting started with a time of worship and a small Bible study. There was no further fixed program, we asked the Holy Spirit to fill this out. It became a special time, God worked in a powerful way in people’s lives and also in the group through words of knowledge and prophecy.


On one of the evenings I asked the attendees to sit somewhere in the room without the Bible or other instructions, let go of the thinking and listen to the Holy Spirit. This was new to some, uncomfortable and later proved surprising.


After a while we got back together and I asked if anyone wanted to share anything. A participant who said of himself that he does not hear God’s voice, “….. it doesn’t come in, yes I see it happening to others, but it doesn’t work for me….” had walked out of the room and sat down in the hallway.


He testified: Very weird, I got a word in my mind, just one word, and still in English too, the word “reset”. I had to look up the translation because I don’t speak English and didn’t know the meaning. He did not know in itself that God gave a prophetic insight here for the time we are now in the middle of.


What a wonderful God! The Holy Spirit wants to reach your heart even though you feel that you can’t receive anything. Just get quiet and listen. Even that one word can contain an important message!


Piet Hildering,  2 May 2020

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